Aug 28

Faolan Remembered

Faolan and Jim

Puppy love


On August 14, my “writing partner” and best friend of ten years passed away after suffering a brain aneurysm. I’m told that his companion, Lark, was upset 3000 miles away for no apparent reason and his mother, Gracie, paced her home in Alabama, as if she knew that one of her children was in distress. Faolan was the best dog I have ever had the privilege of living with…I could never say I owned him, he was too special for that. He lay at my feet when I wrote and in my arms when my father passed away. He loved to ride in cars and traveled multiple times across the country with me, making every journey feel like an adventure.

His name, Faolan, means “little wolf” in Irish and was also the name of one of the most loyal heroes in Irish legend and every day he lived up to that name: the most loving and lovable of all heroes, loved by all whose path he crossed, loyal to his last breath. He will always be remembered.

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Feb 26

Finally Home

Every great love story has a beginning and this is one of them…
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Oct 02

Where Sparrows Sing

Where Sparrows Sing

jamie flanagan

Where sparrows sing I heard her name;
forgot to write it down.
Returned to wander forest same,
and in the silence drown.
Oh, sing thy song accursed bird,
so I may know my love.
Bring forth to me that single word,
or should I ask the dove?

Oct 02


Do you wait to be let behind the velvet rope at your favorite club? Did you wait in line hours to see the Summer Blockbuster? Do you wait in the cold night air for the doors at some Big Box Store to open for the midnight Christmas sale? Were you in line for the latest iDevice for days…in the rain? Well, your citizenship is certainly worth more than a few hours every two to four years. So, as soon as it’s available in your area, VOTE! And if someone is trying to suppress your right to vote by making it harder or longer for you to vote, then you need to shove that inconvenience down their throats and wear it as a badge of honor!

“Of the People, by the People, for the People”: Dude, that’s you! That’s us! It’s just words on a paper only if you don’t participate. Make it true. Make it happen.

Make time to vote!

Sep 09

The Woman

Believe it or not, all three women are drawn from the same person. None of them really look like her though elements of the middle one evoke her.

Sep 09

The Koala

A writer I admire for her creativity is a painter and a photographer, first. She talked about art in such a powerful way, that I decided that it was high-time I learned to draw. I won’t bore you with the endless spheres and cubes and houses I’ve doodled but I’ll toss up the occasional piece that you might find more interesting. In the grand scheme of things I’m still in the very, very early stages.

But I have a lot of fun doing it, especially as I decided to go old-school: pencil and paper; sketching, which sometimes seems ironic for a former Program Director of a college’s digital media program. After all, I created the program so that kids could start straight off in Illustrator or Photoshop and save the graphite and paper, but the first time I picked up a pencil I knew what Heather meant. I have a large Wacom tablet but I wanted to get the tactile experience of drawing and re-drawing, erasing and drawing again while trying to train my hand to be smoother, rather than have software manage that for me. It also fits into my current workflow as I tend to write with pen and paper, and then translate that to Scrivener.

Most of the time I won’t preface the art with much more than a title. Maybe one day, I’ll write shorts about what I draw.

Sep 03

I still believe

I never lost Hope. You can let someone take hope from you but you can never lose the hope you have in your heart. I never give in to fear or pessimism; and my opinion is not dissuaded by being referred to as a “stooped” or “evul librul” and especially when “progressive” is used as an insult. Progress will always be more appealing to me than regress. I’m not asking you to change your choice of candidate but I am asking that you respect mine. Engage me in spirited debate if you want as I enjoy that, but I draw the line at mean-spirited and belittling comments.

And regardless of your choice (or mine), the Republic will not end tomorrow. We have had great presidents and ignoble ones, scholars and drunkards, and the Republic still stands. And it will still be here on November 3.

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