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The Koala

A writer I admire for her creativity is a painter and a photographer, first. She talked about art in such a powerful way, that I decided that it was high-time I learned to draw. I won’t bore you with the endless spheres and cubes and houses I’ve doodled but I’ll toss up the occasional piece that you might find more interesting. In the grand scheme of things I’m still in the very, very early stages.

But I have a lot of fun doing it, especially as I decided to go old-school: pencil and paper; sketching, which sometimes seems ironic for a former Program Director of a college’s digital media program. After all, I created the program so that kids could start straight off in Illustrator or Photoshop and save the graphite and paper, but the first time I picked up a pencil I knew what Heather meant. I have a large Wacom tablet but I wanted to get the tactile experience of drawing and re-drawing, erasing and drawing again while trying to train my hand to be smoother, rather than have software manage that for me. It also fits into my current workflow as I tend to write with pen and paper, and then translate that to Scrivener.

Most of the time I won’t preface the art with much more than a title. Maybe one day, I’ll write shorts about what I draw.

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