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On August 14, my “writing partner” and best friend of ten years passed away after suffering a brain aneurysm. I’m told that his companion, Lark, was upset 3000 miles away for no apparent reason and his mother, Gracie, paced her home in Alabama, as if she knew that one of her children was in distress. Faolan was the best dog I have ever had the privilege of living with…I could never say I owned him, he was too special for that. He lay at my feet when I wrote and in my arms when my father passed away. He loved to ride in cars and traveled multiple times across the country with me, making every journey feel like an adventure.

His name, Faolan, means “little wolf” in Irish and was also the name of one of the most loyal heroes in Irish legend and every day he lived up to that name: the most loving and lovable of all heroes, loved by all whose path he crossed, loyal to his last breath. He will always be remembered.

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