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Moon Sonnet

This is actually the first sonnet I wrote in answer to the list of words I had been given at a party, though Tigress of the Ball were the...

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Faith and Hope

FYI: The following poem uses word-play to express ideas that may require re-reading a couple lines twice through. There are no misspellings.   Faith & Hope by Jamie Flanagan...

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The Smile That Shines Through the Tears

“It is easy to be pleasant when life flows by like a song, but the man worth while is the one who will smile when everything goes dead wrong....

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Life’s Check-in

Today’s life lesson. You notice when Apple shows how you can use your iPhone as a handsfree dictation device everyone around you is smiling and happy for you in...

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What Might Have Been

I thought today I’d share some of what might have been. I have four different novels all vying to be the first one written; one is an urban fantasy...

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Waiting on the Sun

The last entry for Valentine’s Day as not everyone has someone to spend the day with, this poetic offering is not the light-hearted romp of Falling nor like the...

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Ghostly Love Affair

Happy Valentine’s Day! Another song about love. As with all tales of romance, it’s about a boy and his boo.<a href="http://www.aisling.com/sfbard/ghostly-love-affair/" title="Continue reading «Ghostly Love Affair»" class="more-link">Continue reading «Ghostly...

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